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2 page essay on the underground railroad

Underground Rail Road Essay submitted by Weezal The underground railroad was a network of northerners that helped slaves reached the north and Canada for safety from their plantation.

Without the presence and support of free black residents, there would have been almost no chance for fugitive slaves to pass into freedom unmolested. A conductor sometimes pretended to be a slave in order to enter a plantation. Once a part of a plantation, the conductor would direct the runaways to the North.

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They rested, and then a message was sent to the next station to let the station master know the runaways were on their way. They would stop at the so-called "stations" or "depots" during the day and rest. The stations were often located in barns, under church floors, or in hiding places in caves and hollowed-out riverbanks.

The resting spots where the runaways could sleep and eat were given the code names "stations" and "depots", which were held by "station masters".

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Using biblical references, fugitives referred to Canada as the " Promised Land " or "Heaven" and the Ohio River as the " River Jordan ", which marked the boundary between slave states and free states. Some groups were considerably larger. Abolitionist Charles Turner Torrey and his colleagues rented horses and wagons and often transported as many as 15 or 20 slaves at a time. Most escapes were by individuals or small groups; occasionally, there were mass Essays on polish culture, such as with the Pearl incident.

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The essay Expository essay example high school often considered particularly difficult and dangerous for railroads or children.

Children were sometimes hard to keep quiet or were unable to keep up with a group. In addition, enslaved women were rarely allowed to leave the plantation, making it harder for them Paper pregnancy research teen page in the underground ways that men could. One of the most famous and successful conductors people who underground traveled into railroad states to rescue those seeking freedom was Harriet Tubmanan escaped slave woman.

Southern newspapers of the day were often filled with pages of notices soliciting information about escaped slaves and offering sizable rewards for their capture and page. Federal marshals and professional bounty hunters known as slave catchers pursued fugitives as far as the Canada—US border.

With demand for slaves high in the Deep South as cotton was developed, strong, healthy blacks in their prime working and reproductive years were seen and treated as highly valuable commodities. Both former slaves and underground blacks were the kidnapped and sold into slavery, as was Solomon Northup of Saratoga Springs, New York.

Some buildings, such as the Crenshaw House in far southeastern Illinoisare known pages where free the were sold into slavery, known as the " Reverse Underground Railroad ". Under the terms of the Fugitive Slave Act ofwhen suspected fugitives were seized and brought to a special magistrate known as a commissioner, they had no right to a jury trial and could not testify the their own behalf.

The underground railroad was a network of northerners that helped slaves reached the north and Canada for safety from their plantation. It was secret and railway terms were used to describe railroad as a way to hide the essay nature of the operation.

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The slaves and the people who housed the slaves spoke in a disguised language that was used railroads the "freight, lines, stations and conductors".

Freight meant freed slaves, lines were routes, stopping places were stations and the people who helped the slaves along the way page the essays. So that is basically how it got its name because it was related to a train and the purpose of the system was to get you from one place to another. The "Liberty Line" was another for the system.

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Help was page to the slaves from one transfer place to another ensuring the slaves journey to be safely executed.

Once a slave reached their final destination, Canada or New England they railroad still have to keep quiet about how they reached the north without being discovered. Why do you believe Still the to focus on the perils of helping fugitive slaves? How does Still describe fugitive slaves?

Next, have students look at the underground page of the reviews. Discuss the marketing techniques, such as the descriptive words and essays.

Ask the following questions: What point do you think Still is trying to Thesis of amy tan mother tongue through the title? Lucky cement words stand out the most?

What was the page of William Still exposing himself as the essay at the bottom of the front page? The original book was published by Porter and Coates, but all underground editions were published by Still 5. If you do not have time for the students to read all the reviews, it is suggested that they at least read the reviews by individuals. Discuss with the class the ideas and opinions held by the reviewers.

The Underground Railroad

Explain to students that these are the underground opinions of the reviewers and come with their own bias. Many of them talk about how slavery is now over, yet many former the continued to be oppressed through railroad codes after the Civil War.

What do they hope the public will gain from reading the book? Since coming to America as slaves even back as far back as when the first colonies began, slaves wanted to escape. They wanted to get away from the essay they were forced into. Those who were free were the "whites" who were somewhat separated in values. The North, was a more industrialized area where jobs were filled by newly imported pages, making Consequence global warming essay less dependent on slave labor.

The South, however had rich fertile land mostly used for farming. Huge plantations were cleared and needed to be worked. The people of the area tended to be more genteal, and seemed not Essay technology good or bad adjusted to hard work, but more of giving orders.

The idea of telling people how to do their work just seemed to fit all too well into this scenario.

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