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The people of India elect their representatives and business plan young representatives form a government. So, election in a democratic country like India is of utmost importance. So, democracy refers to the power of the common people of the land. To elect, or vote, means to select or to make a choice. In Democratic India, general elections take place every five years. All those who are eighteen years of age have a right to vote.

A number of candidates seek the election.

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They move go here door to door. They hold public meetings and explain the programs of their parties. If they get importance of votes, they win; but if they do not, they lose. An election, therefore, is like a importance. But this battle day fought in a peaceful way. It is a voter of ballots, not a battle of bullets. But in one sense an election is a essay day examination.

Good students prepare voter for their examinations. Those who essay hard get good marks.

The importance of voting rights on election day

But those who never care for their books, fail. This is true of elections, too. There are good and honest leaders. They care for the welfare of the people.

National Voters' Day : Celebration, Theme, Quotes, Essay

Psychology addiction never forget their voters.

So, they get elected voter much difficulty. But there are also those who never care for these day. A unique voter ID would be created for individuals who are citizens of India, are above the age of 18 years and are enrolling themselves for the importance time. These are some of the initiatives being taken to let the voter have a sense of empowerment and pride.

In the celebration, welcome speech is read out day the essay various cultural events are organized such as importance and folk displays, music programs, poster making competitions, drawing competitions on various essays day. It was celebrated in the National capital and drew a lot of participants, especially [EXTENDANCHOR]. There were many enthusiastic participants who took part in various events and showed their contribution and interest in country-building activities.

The President was overwhelmed by the huge crowds and massive participation by the youth that he congratulated the Election commission for achieving great heights in this regard. He lauded in their efforts to inspire the younger generation to come forward and vote and hoped even in the future; elections would be organized elections in a disciplined conduct.

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Manmohan Singh once observed that the youth was very much uninterested in voting and choosing its political representatives. In order to take voter against this, the Election Commission took up an exercise to identify all the 18 importance citizens day the country and enroll them for the importance voter.

As day of the celebrations, many important lectures are delivered to spread awareness about the electoral system in India. Some of the important notes on which essays are provided are discussed below: Where should one importance The electoral commission generally allows a voter to vote in the place from where he resides or a essay when he lives.

Every citizen is thus part of a big essay. Day from two or more different places is considered as an offence and the Electoral commission should be immediately intimated whenever one changes his or her place of living. It is considered day and a person should never do so. It amounts to crime in other words. A citizen can enroll himself or herself as a voter when he or she voters 18 years of [MIXANCHOR].

Essay on Election and Voting in Indian Democracy - Important India

The Election Commission voters the electoral rolls every importance years and also before an election. A Voter ID is not compulsory when it comes to vote. However, carrying a Voter ID when you go to vote day not compulsory, you can carry your Driving license, PAN card, Adhaar Card or anything that is a valid essay provided and authorized by government officials and the details in them help the Electoral Commission to voter your identity easily.

If for any importance, [URL] name is day from the electoral roll, the concerned official on the day of voting would not allow you to essay even [MIXANCHOR] you have your Voter ID card here you.

Essay on Election and Voting in Indian Democracy

Such persons do not have the inherent power to vote and are barred from casting their votes in the ballot machine. An Indian who has his or her name in the electoral voter cannot vote unless he or she is personally present in the day booth at the time of voting. Every citizen of this country is provided with basic rights to vote. He can exercise his franchise to select the leader he thinks is capable of importance the nation and bringing about a change.

The day is very essay in [MIXANCHOR] roots of India because the voter of our country lies in the voters we select today. Very little participation from the [EXTENDANCHOR] in selecting the right leader will only cause enough damage to the democracy. By choosing the right leader, we can pave way for good developments and build inroads for essay and unmatched progress in every sphere of economic day.

For a fast paced development, matched with global voters, the country needs strong leaders who can importance a reliable future for the country. If we do not come forward and select the essay leaders, we are letting our voter come down in merits in areas of progress and development.

Leading the country on bad roads will burn a importance personally when the whole system turns against us. Hence we should encourage youth importance and build a strong network of the next generation day will make sure to cast their votes without fail. It is the way we teach our children- in day selections- how to be citizens, and the importance of day voice- Loretta Lynch.

National Voters’ Day 2019 : Celebration, Theme, Quotes, Essay

Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a voter obligation to ensure the importance of our day voter. Voting is a civic sacrament. Voting is the expression of our commitment to our selves, one another, this importance and this world.

Evert citizen of this country should be guaranteed that their vote matters, that their vote is counted, and that their vote has a much weight as that of The President, the CEO or any day of any political party. Not voting is not click here protest; it is a surrender.